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To the article: "Excellent company: NOBAMED Paul Danz AG", Die Deutsche Wirtschaft, 18.01.2024

Location profile of the city of Wetter (Ruhr), North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany:
NOBAMED Paul Danz AG in Wetter (Ruhr) is one of the eight of the 10,000 most important medium-sized companies in Germany in its location.
The company is also one of the four companies identified by DDW in trend and future markets at the location.
To the article: Location profile Wetter (Ruhr), Die Deutsche Wirtschaft, 15.09.2023

To the article: Prominent honor for NOBAMED, Westfalenpost, 27.06.2023

To the article: Ranga Yogeshwar hands over Top 100 seal to NOBAMED, Westfalenpost/, 26.06.2023

To the article: The best employers for women! Third award in a row for NOBAMED. TERRITORY Embrace, 23.09.2020

To the article: NOBAMED is again one of the best employers for women in 2020!, TERRITORY Embrace, 23.09.2020

To the article: "Mask" mission accomplished, DHL Global Forwarding, 07.05.2020

To the article: TOP 100 Innovation Award for Abus and Danz in Wetter, Westfalenpost, 03.07.2019

To the article: 6 x Medical Technology among TOP 100 / 1 x Sense of Excitement and Standing Ovations, DeviceMed, 04.07.2019

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Wissen verbindet: 395 Jahre gewebte Geschichte

The Company History of NOBA Verbandmittel Danz,
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With the article “Mehrwert für alle schaffen “ NOBAMED Paul Danz AG is represented in the book „Innovationsschmieden“. There Ranga Yogeshwar presents Germany´s innovation elite 2023.

Yogeshwar, Ranga (Hrsg.) TOP 100 2023- Innovationsschmieden: Die innovativsten Unternehmen im Mittelstand, Ranga Yogeshwar, Redline Verlag, Finanz-Buch Verlag GmbH, München, 2023, pages 444-445



With the article “Familiengeführt seit mehr als 100 Jahren“ NOBAMED Paul Danz AG is represented in the book „Innovationschampions“. There Ranga Yogeshwar presents Germany´s innovation elite 2019.

TOP 100 2019: Innovationschampions, Ranga Yogeshwar, Redline Verlag, 2019, pages 452-453

ISBN: 978-3-868817652


NOBAMED Paul Danz AG now also shows its lived sense of responsibility for mankind and environment by joining the UN Global Compact. More information is available in the article Macondo Book 2006 "knowledge connects".

Global Compact Deutschland 2006, Elmer Lenzen, Jochen Fengler, Marion Book, Mojib Latif, Verlag Mediengruppe Macondo, 2007, pages 96-97

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