Our Responsibility


NOBAMED Paul Danz AG has been a member of BVMed - Bundesverband Medizintechnologie e.V. (registered Federal Association of Medical Technology) since its foundation in 1950. About 220 manufacturing and retail companies of the medical technology sector are organized in this association.




Since 2013, NOBAMED is a member of the government’s enterprise network ‘Family - Factor of Success’, launched by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.



We are involved, in a systematic way, in the cooperation between schools and economy. In this way economic education is integrated, to an increasing degree, into school education. A transfer of knowledge and values takes place. We support a new culture of individual promotion with a view to strengthening basic skills and developing students’ talents on a regional scale. This facilitates the transition from school to professional life. As a MINT partner, we strongly support the school’s concept as MINT-friendly school. We also assist the school paramedics with our product knowledge.




Since 2014, we are project partners of the Hardenstein Gesamtschule for ‚School without Racism, School with Courage‘.



Since the 1970s, we have actively supported the volunteer fire brigade of the city of Wetter/Ruhr with our personnel deployment, employee leave, materials, use of our vehicle fleet workshop and provision of training space on the company premises. We are particularly pleased to highlight the commitment of one of our shareholders, who was awarded the German Fire Brigade Cross of Honour in Gold. In 2022, Mr. Paul Benedikt Danz, the city fire chief, retired from his position as 'Stadtbrandinspetor Wetter (Ruhr)' and at the same time he was relieved of his position as deputy chief of the fire brigade and transferred to the honorary department of the fire brigade Wetter (Ruhr).



The global compact                            https://www.globalcompact.de/

Our social commitment in favour of a more sustainable and more righteous organization of global economics is emphasized by our support of the United Nation’s initiative of the Global Compact. It is our aim to increasingly reconcile economical, ecological and social ambitions. The principles of the Global Compact, which concern human rights, labour standards, the environment and the elimination of corruption, are part of our strategy, our business culture and our daily work. We make a point of engaging in economic activities in a sustainable and responsible way.