Excerpt from the book:

Wissen verbindet: 395 Jahre gewebte Geschichte

The Company History of NOBA Verbandmittel Danz

Geschichtsbüro Reder, Roeseling & Prüfer, Köln, 2015

ISBN: 978-3-940371-34-8

           Wissen verbindet            

Perfume brand Preciosa

So as not to be completely dependent on the field of dressing materials, before the end of the war Paul Danz had bought the traditional brand Preciosa, which had been founded in 1871. He expected that, after years of poor supply, the demand for high-quality body care products would once again increase in times of peace. And he was right: After civilian production had been released, sales for hygiene products increased. The so-called department 2 of Ruhrtaler Verbandstoff-Fabrik then produced “Toiletry specialities”: “Toiletry soaps, perfumes, hair pomades, hair lotions and mouthwash” as well as “medical pills for health and tooth care”.

There was a particular demand for “Eau de Cologne Preciosa 1871”. The assortment included “handkerchief perfumes, ranging from simple to luxurious articles”. In the advertisements for his Preciosa products, Paul Danz always pointed out their scientific character. “Numerous highest distinctions bear witness to the good quality of our products”, an advertising circular of 20 June 1921 reads. “Only days ago we have been awarded the gold medal at the trade exhibition in Hagen.”