Zitat Sebastian Danz

Excerpt from the book:

Wissen verbindet: 395 Jahre gewebte Geschichte

The Company History of NOBA Verbandmittel Danz

Geschichtsbüro Reder, Roeseling & Prüfer, Köln, 2015

ISBN: 978-3-940371-34-8

           Wissen verbindet            

“NOBA – a name for the future

After the death of Paul Wolfgang Danz in 1983, his sons Paul Benedikt and Sebastian Danz took over the management of Ruhrtaler Verbandstoff-Fabrik, representing the fourth generation of the company. “Our father had developed several machines in years of patient work, performing numerous tests and trials, without ever putting them into operation. He was lacking the time and human resources at the time”, Sebastian Danz remembers. After the brothers had got these machines running, production and sales increased, together with the number of employees. In 1984, Ruhrtaler Verbandstoff-Fabrik had roughly 100 employees.

(…) To make sure customers continued to associate the company name with the high-quality products of the Ruhrtaler Verbandstoff-Fabrik, the names of one of the successful brands and the owner family were combined: Since 1958, Paul Wolfgang Danz had sold non-adhesive dressing materials under the easily remembered brand name NOBA. This name stems from a cooperation between Ruhrtaler Verbandstoff-Fabrik with the Swedish company Nobel and the Bastianwerke in Munich. So, on 21 December 1984, Ruhrtaler Verbandstoff-Fabrik Paul Danz & Co. was renamed NOBA Verbandmittel Danz GmbH & Co. KG. (…) The Ruhr-star, company logo since 1919, was kept in the new logo – with an added N in the midst, which stands for NOBA. (…)”

NOBA Verbandmittel Danz GmbH & Co. KG becomes NOBAMED Paul Danz AG

Unterlining the high level of producivity and product versatility for the hospital market, NOBA Verbandmittel Danz GmbH & Co. KG changed its legal form to NOBAMED Paul Danz AG, which was entered into the commercial register on 1 September 2015. The new company name refers at the same time to Paul Danz, founder of the Ruhrtaler Verbandstoff-Fabrik in 1915, and the 100 year anniversary of the company.