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Excerpt from the book:

Wissen verbindet: 395 Jahre gewebte Geschichte

The Company History of NOBA Verbandmittel Danz

Geschichtsbüro Reder, Roeseling & Prüfer, Köln, 2015

ISBN: 978-3-940371-34-8

           Wissen verbindet            

“Founding Years (1915-1931)

In 1915, during the First World War, Paul Danz founds the Ruhrtaler Verbandstoff-Fabrik (Ruhr Valley Medical Dressing and Bandage Factory) in the town of Wengern an der Ruhr. Until now, the company founder had worked as an accountant, but came from a long-established Wuppertal weaver family and thus built on this tradition. Thanks to his business acumen, Paul Danz is soon successful. He puts innovative dressing materials such as the Triumph plaster bandage on the market and, in 1918, purchases the Preciosa perfume brand. From the beginning, he emphasizes advertising and his trademarked products attain brand recognition among customers. Following the war, inflation and the occupation of the Ruhr Valley greatly hamper the young company. Not until the mid-1920s does business slowly get back off the ground. Then, the world economic crisis again cripples the Ruhrtaler Verbandstoff-Fabrik in the early 1930s.

Business in Difficult Times (1931-1951)

In the early 1930s, ...